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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Latest Creation.....Ur, Uh, Copycat......

I cannot take credit for this lovely idea....I've seen it on several blogs.

If you have a version of it on your blog, please leave a comment and a link so others can see it.


You find a dinner plate, a saucer, and a "crystal" candle holder.

I used the E6000 glue to bond them.

I glued the BOTTOM of the candle holder to the SMALL plate first and let it set up.

I then glued the TOP of the candle holder to the LARGE plate.

My reasoning on this was for more stability and using the smaller part of the candle holder left more room for CANDY!

You can add a tea cup for elegant dips....I did not glue it to the plate so it would be easier to wash.

You can also add a dish for bigger dips. If you are worried about the bowl or cup getting knocked off the plate, you can secure it with a bit of plasti-tac...the same stuff teachers use to hang posters on the wall.....

I thought I had an entire set of Christmas dishes on Craigslist....but alas, someone beat me to the $25.00 bargain.

Wouldn't these be pretty using an assortment of Christmas dishes?

You could get different sizes of candle holders and do some like what I've done and also, just glue the dinner plate to the TOP of the candle holder for more of a cake stand effect.

Oh, and you know those cheese ball things with the glass cover you can get for a dime a dozen at a thrift store.....you could use it to cover a CUPCAKE on a plate.....OH....yeah, I'm heading right now to see if it would work on this plate.......

What are you doing still reading this.....go MAKE YOU ONE!!!


What about putting THREE.....yes, THREE candle holders on the bottom of a dinner dish....what a pretty cake holder!!!! Then you could add a decorative something underneath...like a small flower arrangement.....a picture in a frame....small, of course....


Debbie said...

Very Cute!!

Julie said...

That is very smart and cute!!! I just might have to make myself one! I would like a halloween one.
Love ya sis :)

Chas said...

Very pretty dishes. And a wonderful idea.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

It is a good idea. I remember my mother doing something very similar way back when. I do that kind of thing for the holidays. I need to get moving and see about making a couple.
Have a great day!

Farmchick said...

what an awesome idea!! I think I must try that!! Thanks!

Liisa said...

So pretty thanks for sharing it!


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