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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Goat Whisperer...er, uh, Chaser......

When it is time to show goats, you can't just grab them out of the pen and hope they look good enough for a blue ribbon. It takes work. We started out walking the goats. Then we found that running them builds better muscle. I'm not talking about running them to death. It is more like a sprint.
We would walk the goats to the end of the lane and then REGAN would
with all of her might...and giant rubber boots chase the goats back to their pen.

We had a dog that could do the same thing...but he met his fate when he chased a car one too many times. So, it was back to Regan....
Daisy came along on a goat exorcising...er, uh, exercising adventure.
Now we walk them to the end of the driveway instead of the fenced in lane.
One particular day Daisy decided to join us....I noticed she was acting strangely.....

She was REALLY SMACKING HER LIPS....I tried to ignore it.
When we let the goats go.....and Regan began to run...something strange happened....

Little bitty Daisy started chasing the goats and barking!
Now, remember, we ARE a farm family and what is a farm without 1.2 million dogs? The big dog is Rascal, remember him? He is the REAL pillow thief.
He is the reason I can't have a magazine perfect porch complete w/ pillows.
See the little cotton ball that is running up there to the right?
That is Sydni's froo froo poodle....JOJO.
He is a wimp.
See! He is running like a mad dog from that terror goat....

Look at them go!!!!
Now, let's take a closer look, shall we?
Daisy is so busy chasing one of the goats that she doesn't even realize she is about to be trampled by Little Bo Peep.
Isn't that an amazing picture? Sorry for the poor quality....it is very hard to shoot
these pictures when they are running all over the place and then...see that hand? That is David....he just decides to mosey on right in front of the camera.
Don't these people know I am a true amateur here?

Now this picture is a little deceitful.
JOJO actually looks as if he is becoming a goat chaser....
when in actuality, he is running FROM a goat and just happens to be running
in the direction of another goat....he totally freaking at this point
and would probably bet that his life was about to come to an abrupt end.

But look at the goat whisperer go.....
She manages to chase them back to their pen.

Yep, and the pillow thief is not doing a darn thing.......

He figures that if he raises his ears, that maybe we will think HE is the goat whisperer.....FAT CHANCE!

See, his feet are barely moving.....neither is his tail...he is trying to be tricky.
When I see him, I always have that bumblebee song in my head...
"I'mmmmm bringing home a baby bumblebee...won't my mama be so proud of me?"

Oh look, Regan and David completely forget that I am busy taking pictures....

Ladies and gentlemen...meet the newest goat whisperer....er, uh....chaser.
She can bound across rocky driveways....leap the tallest goat....

This first time she chased the goats, she got into trouble because David thought she was going to chase them through that barbed fence.
The next night....he sweetly says...."Honey, want to come exercise the goats with us?" then he quickly throws in, "If you do, bring Daisy."
Sheesh....I thought I was the one doing such a great job leading the goat down the driveway...and it was really the fact that Daisy wouldn't come if I didn't come....
We are a package deal!!!
See her laughing?


Diana said...

Cute pictures there!

Misty said...

Daisy is just too sweet. I have a wimpy chihuahua named Chuy. He cracks me up. Our neighbor has an outside cat (actually since her cat is ONLY an outside cat, she's responsible for all the strays, too - nice.) ANYWAY...when her cat(s) lay under our bush in our backyard, Chuy goes NUTS! We'll let him out and he'll get right up to it, baring like a mad dog - but the second she stands up and hisses and swats at him (she's never hurt him - Chuy's a fast little bugger) he runs aways whimpering and crying! Hahaha...so funny! We always stand and watch to make sure that nothing happens but at this point Chuy has proven he's nothing to be scared of!

Maggie B said...

Hey Daisy, you go girl!
Loved looking at your pix, what a fun thing to do.
We always walk our cocker Ben down the lane before going to bed.
We sometimes meet a cow or two but we've never come across any goats. a bientot
Maggie @ Normandy Life

Southerner said...

Traci- you take some fabulous photos! When I take food photos mine look kinda yucky, your's make my mouth water.

You asked about replacing the wall. He took down the interior wall and middle insulating layer, including the cabinets. He got some mold treatment (we didn't have mold, it had just been wet) from an RV store and put that on. He then replaced all the wood pieces between the walls and new plywood wall. I had him put bead board. Then we had to rehang the cabinets. It required taking out the back window during it all. It wasn't very hard for me- I brought tea and held an occasional board while he nailed it in. For him, it was some work.

Southerner said...

I forgot- I have some photos of the wall when it was all removed and also of the new boards before painting. It may show a little more detail. If you want them let me know.

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