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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did you Know When You Turn 50, You get BUSHY Eyebrows???

Not really...well, I'm sure there are SOME people who get them...the ones in this picture are just plastic candles growing out of her eyebrows.
This is Terri.
Terri is my OLDEST sister....I know, I know...she looks YOUNGER than me.
I get it all the time....
Terri has Native American blood....I do NOT. Thus, the reason
why she looks younger than I.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
Terri is the big FIVE-OH.

Terri has twins that just turned the BIG THREE-OH.
Here is one twin, Lindsay.
The other twin who shall remain nameless...cough, cough, Cortney, decided to celebrate apart from our weird family for some reason....I have no idea why....maybe she thinks we might embarrass her or something.....LIKE WE WOULD DO THAT.....sheesh.

Any respectable person would LOVE to be around our family.....

We also celebrated a nephew's birthday....remember HIM?
He is the one with his name TATTOOED across his back just in case
something ever happens to him and he forgets his name.
Not to mention it is fun for complete strangers to
yell, "LEVI" and then have him turn around
and wonder how they know him.
He turned the BIG TWO-FIVE!
Wow! I just realized that he is HALF of my OLDEST sister's age....

When one turns 50, things like seeing your precious baby wearing a t-shirt out in public that announces SHE IS KNOCKED UP just rolls off your back....
At least the kid is married and lives...well, lives at home....oops.
Ok, seriously, she is just living at home because she has a home in California and her husband is a DIE HARD OU SOONERS fan and refused to let his child be
born in any other state.....
Thus, the reason she is living with her mommy right now.
I won't need to mention that hubby is also a proud sailor and currently deployed.

The perks of being 50 is also that you have wonderful grandchildren....
Yes! Grandchildren that you GIVE BACK when they get cranky!
Grandchildren that you have GREAT influences on....
like shoving a pair of goofy jammy pants over their heads and BLINDING them
all the while taking actual VIDEO FOOTAGE while they run around bouncing into walls....tripping over dogs and looking quite drunk.
Yes, she is that kind of Gi-Gi (JEE JEE).
Oh and of course she LAUGHED THE WHOLE TIME.
Yes, that is a proud grandparent video to show anyone and everyone who
will stop long enough to see what a 'pecial Gi-Gi (JEE JEE) she
is to her grandchildren.

She might not be able to ride a MOUNTAIN BIKE on the rocks.
But she sure looks athletic just walking it doesn't she?
I won't say anything about the "knocked up" chick walking
FASTER than the 50 year old chick pushing a bike!
Nope, not going to say anything about that.....

At least she reads the labels on bug spray to make sure
it isn't going to hurt her little grand baby....
Yah, tick tock....how long does it take to FOCUS so one can
actually READ the writing on the bottle......
Ok, NOW she has it figured out....
It magically comes into focus when one does this....
Don't believe me?
Ask Terri!
The Terri who is 50!

The day before this picture was taking...
I overheard her tell someone that she was a TRIPLET.
Yah, the third addition to the TWINS who turned 30!
But give this lady a FREE SILVER DOLLAR CITY pass only
because she is 50 this year....and magically, she is PROUD TO BE 50!
Seriously, if you are turning 50 in 2010 or been married 50 years in 2010, you
can get a SEASON pass at Silver Dollar City in 2010.
They are celebrating their 50 years too!
Just take your driver's license or marriage license to show and you can
get the free season pass.
See? She is NOW PROUD to be 50!
I heard her PROUDLY shouting it out from the Ozark
Mountain tops!
Even while stuck in traffic for THREE HOURS just to get to Silver Dollar City, she proudly jumped out of the air conditioned car to run UP a hill
and stand in front of the sign.....the BIG FIVE-OH sign!

She all of the sudden became INVINCIBLE!
She rode down the road while carelessly clinging to
the side of our pick-up!
Oh the DANGERS of turning 50....
BEWARE people!!
Turning 50 makes one decide that life isn't so bad...
That life can be enjoyed....
That life can be lived as happily as the dog
sticking his head out the car window...
Terri is ready to take on this second 1/2 of her life with GUSTO....
She is clinging on for dear life.....

Don't get in her way, she is a gun packing Gi-Gi!
She is fearless against those hormones that make you not be
able to concentrate on a conversation because they
are making sweat roll down your butt crack....
She can still keep up with the youngest of them....
and the oldest....because there will ALWAYS be
people on BOTH sides of her!
She was quite unsure about this milestone birthday.
Terri, I love you sissypoo and thanks for leading the way so gracefully for
your other two YOUNGER sisters.
You are certainly showing that AGE IS AN ATTITUDE and NOT A NUMBER.
By this rule alone....we will FOREVER
God made us sisters....Love made us FRIENDS!!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
June 9, 2010.


What's Cookin Stacey?? said...

Traci great post!

Territory Mom said...

So funny!!!! Happy birthday, Terri.
Traci, I'm going on your next family vacation with you, what a fun bunch!!!!

carolina nana said...


Want to

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