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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vintage Finger Wave, Vintage Show, Vintage Material...SQUEAL!

It just so happened that my hair appointment fell the day before the Vintage Tulsa Show. My hairdresser, had some spare time to play with a finger wave on my hair. I have been talking to her about this for at least a year.
Then while I was flipping through her very modern hairstyle books....THERE IT WAS!!
The finger wave is all over the place!
So, she decided to give it the ol' beauty school try....
Ignore the dorky look....I am no good at taking pictures of myself...
I just don't know how those teens can stand to do this.
Yah, after taking this picture and looking at it on the computer....
I ran and emptied that trash.
That is certainly the upside of doing a blog...you get to see
yourself and your surrounding through "different" eyes.

I was really surprised to find that my manly man liked this style....
He never ceases to amaze me.

Here is the back...the color is darker than normal, but it stays that
way for about a week then the colors I love will come out.
I have a lot of people ask about my hair color...
My system is....
I do an all over color every other trip to beauty shop.
The in between trips...I get 2 - 3 colors foiled in.
I have no method to my colors I choose...I am even
trying to get up enough nerve to go LUCY red.
I feel like I only have one life...why limit the colors?

I. Want. This.
I just didn't have $95.00 for it....sniff, sniff.

I. still. want. this.

I think I shall learn to sew well enough to make this....IN PLUS SIZE, not BARBIE size....sheesh, it must have been a ZERO.

My sister, Terri, looking at vintage tablecloths.

Vintage cards galore!!!

Wouldn't these be adorable in a kitchen???

Now....here is my day old hair!
I liked it better the next day.
Also, this is my 2nd dress!
I used vintage material...$2.00/4 yards.
This dress cost only $5.00 to make!!!
The sign is from the Vintage Show....$25.00!
Won't it go great in my dining area????
That's my fire pit in the background!
The next Vintage Tulsa Show is August 7th & 8th....want to go with me???


Staci said...

I want to paint my kitchen aqua. Just like the aqua on those old toys. Think that'd be too much?

carolina nana said...

Your hair looks great Tracy. I also love the dress. I used to make all my clothes until life got so busy there just wasn't time. Blessings to you.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, I most certainly do!!! This looks like so much fun! I love your dress and your hair, so cute!! Thanks for the tour, looks like that would be a blast!

Territory Mom said...

Love your hair and new dress!!

Summer Rains said...

Love the dress and hair....way cute!!! I AM going to go to one of those shows someday...unfortunately, I have a weekend training thing when the next one happens :( Looks like fun!

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