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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Little Thriftin' Brings Simple Summer Joys!

This picture is for the college girl...
I thought she would like this dress and I can't show it
to her unless I post it on her Facebook page or on my blog.
I decided on the blog because...well, I haven't posted
in awhile.
I love the extremely retro look of the dress....please note that the model is suffering from a massive sunburn from the holiday weekend. I honestly think the sunscreen companies are putting less protection in their products, because if we don't reapply every HOUR, we get burned. Has anyone else noticed this?
Back to the dress, can't you just see a cute little can-can under it???
Add a cute pair of white sandals...some very retro sunglasses...oh why wasn't it in my size....sigh...
Anyhow, a college gal who enjoys dresses would really love this and could pull
off the look and not look weird....I know she could.
The dress was a whopping $2.00 and it is HOMEMADE!

This beautiful basket was $3.50!
Won't this make a wonderful market basket?
The handle is very sturdy and thick....I can load this baby up and
no problems!
Say "HI" to Daisy Doodle! For some reason, she is so much less camera shy
since I've started blogging.....

Get ready....Here is the next item....
A malt machine!! I made a very quick run through a thrift store
that is mostly clothes....one thing I've learned about thrifting is be consistent
about going to them so you can spot something new when it comes in.
I stopped and automatically hit the shelves that are around the perimeter of the room.
As I walked toward the shelf, I noticed something yellow.....way to the back of a shelf. I got closer....
I bent down....
Ok, I actually got on one knee...
I moved three bulky items....
It was then, that I heard the chorus of angels...really, I did....
they had music playing on the radio....
Either I let out a little squeal or someone stepped on a squeaky toy!

It isn't a heavy duty one...not like the ones in the restaurants....but it is YELLOW and retro.....HAVE YOU SEEN MY KITCHEN??? It is YELLOW and RETRO!!
I plugged it in to make sure I wasn't getting excited over nothing.....
It took a bit to figure out the safety feature on it....then it WHIRRRRRRED.

Soooo, I did the next expected thing.....
When my friend, Brownie, who has been looking for one also found out....
she text me and said.....and I quote, "I HATE YOU."
Yes, my friends....sometimes finding a bargain means you have to
lose some friendships!
Seriously, all was made good, when Mr. Manly Man made some after dinner shakes! Did I mention that "hates me now" friend is lactose intolerant???
Also, I think we found her one on Craigslist for $10.00 if I hear back from them...
Malt Maker....$3.00!!

I have a feeling I had better keep an ample supply of ice cream around this summer....He is the MASTER of the MALT SHOPPE!!

Even "SUNBURNED" gal said it cooled the burning.... :)


Territory Mom said...

OMG what great finds. Love, love the dress, love, love the basket and I can't even express my feelings for the malt maker. Unbelieveable. You should host thrift store shopping parties.

carolina nana said...

Nice find and added bonus for it to really work! I love thrift stores!!!!
Have a blessed evening.

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