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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do You Participate in Lent?

I do believe that Lent is a great time to be more intentional in my spiritual growth.  Each year, I pray about my growth and ask God to lead me to where He wants my focus.  Usually, I am leaning towards "sacrificing" something...such as no soda pop, no chocolate....but this year was different.  This year, God said, "Don't give up, just GIVE."  Hmmmm....give?  So, here is what I did.....I choose to be a blessing to others INTENTIONALLY.  I listened to God's small whisper to guide me.....sometimes I heard it loud and clear, others....I think I might have ignored it.... :(.  I am not going to add pictures to this post because it is certainly LONG enough with NO PICTURES.

Day 1: I took some pictures and blessed 5 families with copies of their pictures. I also made a batch of rolls and took them to GLOW and gave them to the first person who asked about them and in turn, they shared with others.

Day 2 Blessings: We drove through McDonald's drive-thru and paid for the people behind us. I did NOT expect them to drive up beside us and STOP....that threw me off. I just rolled down the window said "I'm passing on the love, know God loves you." They said they knew and thank you. :)

Day3 Blessings: I prayed for each car that passed me while I traveled to OKC. Many people were lifted yesterday. :)

Day 4 Blessings: For our housekeeper at the hotel. When I returned & got in bed, the note was neatly folded and place INSIDE my pillow case..LOL Was that to let me know she got it?

Day 5 Blessing: Because I wasn't sure if the housekeeper spoke english, I got a little more creative and wrote note in spanish. If you can't tell, the $5 is made into a dress..looks vintage doesn't it?

Day 6 Blessing: A little more spanish a little more origami and a little more joy in my life.

Day 7 Blessing: It was rather simple, I resisted an urge to not really scare a woman who walked around the corner while I was crouched on the floor looking at something. If you know me, you know how hard it was for me! So really we were both blessed.

Day 8 Blessing: I blessed 2 girls with the ride of their life touring Bricktown on Segways! Once again, I was blessed as well

Day 9 Blessing: I made a homemade pizza for Carly since she has been such a blessing and watching the house while I was at OKC. (I am back early because David's grandfather, Coy Baker, passed away.) Thank you Carly for blessing others. I love you!!!

Day 10 Blessing: I let 2 people move ahead of me at the check out even though they had full carts and I had 2 items. :)

Day 11 Blessing: I admit, it won't sound like much, but it was a BIG deal for me. I held my tongue when I was ready to jump up and scream at some people. I am not an actor and never claimed to be one. People can tell when I am upset or disagree......I managed to bless someone by not saying anything. The names shall remain anonymous. :)

Day 12 Blessing: I sent ice cream to youth last night!

Day 13 Blessing: I gave a roll of quarters to an unsuspecting person. :) Do you know how easy it is to drop those in someone's purse?

Day 14 Blessing: I put together 2 trash sacks of clothes for the Love Closet on Saturday from 9 - 2 at the First United Methodist Church! If you have extra hangers or paper bags, we could use them also. We will be at the church Fri. night at 6pm to set up

Day 15 Blessing: I drove through Taco Bell's drive thru and paid for the people behind me. This time, I made an escape before they were able to drive up beside me! A blessing for me is hearing that my friends are trying to pass on blessings as well....makes my heart swell

Day 16 Blessing: I shot some pigs. :)  (Before you freak out, it was a photoshoot)

Day 17 Blessing: I took an hour to pray for people who have requested prayers. Please know that each one of you were lifted in my prayers.

Day 18 Blessing: The LOVE CLOSET! We gave away over 200 bags of clothing! Save your clothes, we will have another one before school starts back.

Day 19 Blessing: Wow.....I didn't intentionally do a thing....must do 2 today!!! tsk, tsk......

Day 20 Blessing(s): I bought a gallon of milk for a stranger. I was stopped by a train and for every car that passed, I prayed for each person that God placed on my heart. To that certain person who was brought up more than once, I specifically prayed for your depression to be lifted. ;)

Day 21 Blessing: I chose to allow cars to get in front of me....and then I prayed for each one.

Day 22 Blessing: I made a batch of rolls for a family. In this, I discovered that if I let the rolls rise longer...they are much more fluffy and I like them better. :)

Day 23 Blessing: I bought a few packages of panties and socks to give away at the next LOVE CLOSET in July. We were really shocked at how fast those thing went at the LOVE CLOSET. Every person should get to enjoy the feeling of new under garments.....not hand me down ones. :)

Day 24 Blessing: I bought lunch for some special friends. I also supported a fundraiser. I shall not mention that I also pulled an April Fool's joke on my "nameless" hairdresser.....who knew letting out a blood curdling scream while she is ripping off my eyebrow could get a reaction like that..... :/

Day 25 Blessing: We bought dinner for some new friends. I gave random hugs.

Day 26 Blessing: I used a blessing God gave me to bless a family with some family portraits.....and they turned out half decent even with the wind blowing 500 mph!

Day 27 Blessing: I changed a program I was going to give at a group yesterday by listening to my heart. I encouraged the group to write down their "story" and share it with others. We have a woman in the group who is turning 100! She said she didn't believe anyone would want to hear her story! What is something about your life you would like to make sure is passed on for others to remember?

Day 28 Blessing: I went barefoot all day to encourage people to think about those in the world without shoes. I believe I got at least 5 pairs of shoes to be donated to our LOVE CLOSET!

Day 29 Blessing: I spent some special time with the XS Group yesterday. Although, I do believe they are more of a blessing to me. :) I don't think a time goes by without laughing. Wait until you see the train pictures....bahahahahahah.

Day 30 Blessing: I gave a small sack of soap, shampoo, toothpaste and some change to a person standing on the corner needing help. :(

Day 31 Blessing: I bought 2 more packages of socks for the LOVE CLOSET. I encourage you to do the same please. Socks, underwear and bras were some of the first things to be gone at the LOVE CLOSET. The next closet is July 30th.

Day 32 Blessing: There was a lady at an estate sale who ran out of cash and I paid for her items. :)

Day 33 Blessing(s): We bought lunch for some people. I shot some photos of some girls. I helped with a Sunday School class. I did NOT scare the girls after watching a scary movie...because they made me PROMISE

Day 34 Blessing: I failed....must. work. on. it. today.

Day 35 Blessing: I mailed some random people cards to cheer them up. Making up for Day 34, I took someone's cart back to the little cart parking spot for them at the store.

Day 36 Blessing: I parked at the back of a parking lot and as I walked into the store, I prayed for each person and/or car I passed. I prayed God's abundant blessings and the wisdom to recognize them for each one.

Day 37 Blessing: I judged some FFA Creeds last night at the District Speech Contest. Glad I went....they were having a hard time getting all their judges with the storms. I believe in the future of agriculture.....

Day 38 Blessing: I blessed my Carl with a wonderful romantic night at home.....sigh....The rolls were part of the dinner I planned...Chicken Alfredo....yummo!!!

Day 39 Blessing: I attended a benefit event that supports a medical clinic in Ecuador where American physicians provide care to indigent families... and train local medical residents. I also blessed a woman by paying for her dinner. :)

Day 40 Blessing: I made cinnamon rolls (from a can) for the children's camp fundraiser at church. I also helped Amy while she teaches jr. high sunday school.

Day 41 Blessing: While at Braum's I let a woman go ahead of me. When I got my item, it was rung up wrong.....at least $3 less than what I owed. I corrected the cashier and paid the correct amount. She said, "Wow, that is a first, I've never had someone tell me they owe more than they were charged." she thanked me and thanked me. That broke my heart.....why do people think that is ok to cheat business?

Day 42 Blessing: I gathered stray carts at Wal-Mart and put them in their little parking spot. I know, it is lame.... I shall do better today. :)

Day 43 Blessing: Apparently I didn't take the cart pushing blessing seriously enough. I kid you not, I had to run into Wal-Mart and didn't notice the carts.....til I walked into one! I looked around, and they are all over the place! So, guess what day 43 blessing was? I promise, I will not underestimate the blessings God puts on my heart.....pinky swear!!!

Day 44 Blessing: I went through the drive-thru at McDonald's and paid for the person behind me. One thing has really surprised me each time I've done this....it has been less than $10. I was actually paranoid I was going to have someone who had a $20 order or something....actually only one time did it go over $5. This is one blessing I think I shall continue beyond the Lenten season. :)

Day 45 Blessing: I dropped a $20 bill into a woman's purse as I walked past her....she was busy looking at something on a bottom shelf. (Next time, I will do an origami design) It was just a spontaneous thing....making mental note: carry origami bills in my purse. :)

Day 46 Blessing (Final Day): While grocery shopping, I helped 2 women do their shopping...one was in a wheel chair. I got them a cart, which they didn't have and I gave them one of my shopping bags. I also helped them get to their car.

Final thoughts:  I do believe I was blessed far more than I actually blessed!  This kept me focused through the Lenten season....I felt closer to God this year than any other previous year.  Thanks for letting me share with you!  I hope you had a beautiful Easter!!

God loves you....oh YES He does!!!

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Kim said...

Thanks for sharing it is a blessing just to read how you listened to God and blessed others.
Sisters in Christ,

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