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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Teen is DRIVING!!!

Well, two out of three girls are driving now! Sydni has passed her permit test and has been let loose on the streets. At least when you've already survived one child learning to drive, it is a little easier....not much though. Sydni is a cautious driver which is a definite plus. I always forget the little part about pulling out into traffic. You say, "Go" and forget that there is usually at least a 30 second hesitation before they "Go". Making note to self, "Wait until there are NO cars in site in either direction."

We had a funny incident at the post office in a larger town. I'm telling her that if she backs up carefully, she won't be out into the busy street. Well, she did that perfectly. It was when the car that wanted her parking spot stopped the traffic and motioned her to go......she got so nervous that she sort of gassed the car and found out very quickly that she was STILL IN REVERSE!! She didn't go far....THANK GOD. By this time, she is completely flustered since the gentleman, FREAKED and drove on around her. Now, she had to deal with the traffic....next thing, I hear this loud squeaky noise.....the back windshield wiper. As we are turning around to find out what the noise was......the front wipers decide they aren't going to be out done.....schreeageeeee. All we needed now was for the radio to turn on full blast and I think Sydni would have given up driving all together.....rofl.

Needless to say, we survived.....I did notice that she kept wiping her hands on her pants...sweaty palms. Another day in parent-taught driver's ed. I wonder if driver's ed. teachers have to take out more insurance.....

If you are thinking about doing a parent-taught driver's ed. program, I highly recommend AAA Behind the Wheel program. For $140 (non-member), ALL of your children get to use the program. They will take a 16 chapter open-book test and if they pass, they can get their permit. I usually let them start the book part as soon as they turn 15....then by the time they turn 15 1/2, they are ready to take the test. Once they get their permit, you send in an affidavit to the state and you can begin logging the "driving hours". Once you've completed the training....about 6 months, they take a final exam at the AAA office. If they pass, they can go take the driver's test. I believe this is a much better approach then the 2 week intensive driving school.

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