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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surviving Camp E.D.G.E.

Well, we are beyond the halfway point of VBS.
I must say that we are holding up quite well for a bunch of
really old people....
I was thinking about taking you on a little trip down Camp E.D.G.E lane.....IN A KAYAK.
Easier said than done......

Here is Nutty Buddy as a ROCK STAR!
Due to the economy, Camp E.D.G.E. had to make some cutbacks on their
Xtreme Sporting events....but that isn't going to get Nutty Buddy down...no sirrrreeee.
Instead of ROCK CLIMBING, he did the very, very dangerous
Xtreme Sport of......
If you've kept up with URBAN LEGENDS, you would know that if one eats POP ROCKS and DRINKS A SODA.....HE WILL EXPLODE!
Well, let me just say....Nutty Buddy didn't explode...but the AUDIENCE did....
IN LAUGHTER when Nutty Buddy let out the
biggest, hugest, BURP! Did I mention that it was into the

Here is Nutty Buddy in his "FIRE JUGGLING" outfit!

Well, as you can see, the kayak is a very popular attraction....or quite possibly,
it was because I.M. Fun was in the kayak.....what kind of look is the little one giving me?

We've had 100 degree weather and what better way to cool off than to have your dad bust a water balloon on your head!
Camp E.D.G.E. is an evening camp so the whole family can attend.

I think I'm up a creek without a paddle here!
Each year at VBS, we have a mission project.
This year, we are honoring our military...past and present.
Campers are bringing items for the Blue Star Mothers Box Program.
The boxes are filling up with items like shampoo, gum, kool-aid, wipes, germ-x, etc.
This wall is the family of campers who are or were in the military.


Farmchick said...

Your VBS looks like fun...I have not done it now since my youngest was a baby--it started to get to be too much--so I took a break.

Thanks for stopping by just now...by the way....we have not harvested yet---being this far north our harvest is August-November. Did your crops burn up or what? No harvest--that is not good! Hope you are doing well.

Unknown said...

Adorable Traci - Braden's giving you the look of "there really is someone weirder than my nana!"

Love the pop rocks visual!

Unknown said...

How wonderful - looks like you all are having a BLAST! :o) Enjoy the rest...I'll get caught up once I get back from camp!

Unknown said...

What fun! We are having our Camp Edge VBS at night too! I think that works out better for us Corporate folks and some of the parents can come too! We made string art on foam stars last night and most of the kids loved it! You guys really have your characters and props put together well....we are just learning but I'm going to share what your church did with my VBS folks. :)

And yes the temperature gauge on my car was correct. Well.....sort of..the outside temp was probably 103 but my car had been facing the sun and the windshield temp was 124. Hot...any way you look at it! Thanks for visiting my blog....I just adore yours...it's a hoot!

Dana and Daisy said...

I love pop rocks and 7 up! Also Zots are good with a soda pop too!

remember those?

That Crazy Ajumma said...

How fun!!
Looks like you all are having a great time!

Drama Momma said...

My baby brother's a Marine. I love the wall you guys are doing! And the pop rocks thing, when I did it, made soda come out my nose! Not so cute!

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