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Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Favorite Kitchen Gadget...or Grill Gadget.

We have a local festival called Summerfest the first weekend of June each year.
This year, they must have advertised OUTSIDE of our little town.
We have quite a few booths with people running them who are not from this state even.
I must admit, I fell head over heels for this gadget...although I could only afford the small one....I would LOVE to get the big one and be able to grill bell peppers and even apples on the grill.

The jalapenos are stuffed w/ a combination of cream cheese, salsa, and bacon.
Grilled for 20 - 25 minutes.
See the holes...they are different sizes.
The metal is a "special" metal that won't rust....I had to season it like cast iron.
Now who could resist that cute jalapeno shape?
You can even turn it over a lay skewers across it...see the little grooves?

My husband gives this little gadget TWO THUMBS UP plus A++++!http://honeysjalapenogrills.com/
Check out their link!!!


jennykate77 said...

YUMM-O! Those little stuffed peppers look delish! What a nifty gadget. Dang, the one year I don't go to Summerfest and they bring out all the cool stuff!

Just Wedeminute said...

That's such a cool gadget! I've never seen one before and since I don't have one I guess that I'll be over tonight for dinner...make sure you have plenty of jalepeno poppers ready! LOL!!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Ooh how cool!
A big one for apples sounds fab...thats what I'd like!

Unknown said...


Want to

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