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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do Sissies Play Co-Ed Softball?

Saturday was our local annual United Methodist Men's Co-Ed Softball Tournament.
It ain't your froo-froo tournament either.

The young and "old" enjoyed a day of games and fun!
Richard, I am not calling you OLD...just compared to Eli, you are...ba haa.

This girl is soooo competitive that she played w/ a possible broken hand!
Remember her from the "knitting" post I did?
Nope, she didn't break her hand knitting...DUH...it was w/ sports!
This little kitten turns into a fearsome LION when it comes to sports....SCARY!!

Chalk art by some of the children.

Looks like a bunt, but nope, that is a full blown HIT!
Ok, this guy was SUPPOSED to slide and this is what he did instead...so, his picture deserves to be plastered on my blog!!

Regan's chalk art....can you tell her latest passion?

Mother and daughter...awwww....

Such an intense look....

Is she PUSHING a kid???

One of my XS group girls!!! WOOT!

Yep, this lady always ducks out of the view of the camera....SAY HI TO MELISSA!!!

I had a blast today....The PHD's won...which wasn't my Sunday school class...I think my class was the smartest, they lost the first two games and got to sit and eat and watch the others get tired and hot.
Now, I'm going to go nurse my sunburn.....

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