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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Primitive Post ALERT!!! Must. See. This. House.

Meet Donna.
Donna is on the bottom left.
If you were to meet Donna, you would never think she is a gifted artist because she is so humble.
Donna has so many talents.
I'm going to show you one of her talents over several posts.
One talent she has is making a home look like a magazine picture!

Below is Donna's kitchen.
Take a good look because the next time you see it, she will have totally transformed it. I mean seriously, this lady could have a blog JUST OF HER HOUSE and no two pics of the room would look the same!
She is constantly changing things.
This view is from the other side of the kitchen.
Enjoy these whole room shots, because the camera we used to take them made all the pics come out really blurry.
After these two pictures, you are only going to get to see close-ups of her decorating style.
I do not do the primitive style...but, this sure has me wishing I did.
See that table? Donna's husband, Ron, made that table for her.
He made it look all perfect with no gaps, no marks, no nothing.
Donna got a hold of it and PRIMITIZED it....I don't know if Ron has
ever recovered from that. She banged it up....the wood split, etc....
Oh and the chick behind Donna and Ron is their daughter, Tresa.
It is because of Tresa that I was able to get some pictures....you see, Donna and Ron were out of town. So, here is proof that her house is ALWAYS perfect, she is out of town for goodness sake....who leaves their house in magazine perfect order when they just packed for a trip?

Stay tuned for a lot more pics.....


Dana and Daisy said...

my momma taught me to always wear clean underwear and leave your house in perfect order when you leave town. Just in case!

uhm, the clean underwear goes for every day!

see, you are proof of why momma was right!

Unknown said...

I went out looking for a ladder this morning! We have a trellis that I'm going to try, since I didn't find one. I'm glad you took pics!

Drama Momma said...

I love Tresa! She's a great lady! And that kitchen is awesome! I love the canisters on the countertop with what looks like brightly colored fruit or something! Luv luv luv it!

Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

I TRY to leave my house perfect before going out of town. Let's just say that I get at least 75% of it done. LOL

I am going to look at the pictures some more now. Very interesting kitchen!! I like it.

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