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Friday, June 12, 2009

My $70.00 Vintage Dining Set

I got this table and 6 chairs at a farm auction for $50.00.

Not one person bid against me and I got to start the bid...lol.

Of course husband was freaking telling me that I probably could have gotten it for $10.00.

I think I did the "shock and awe" thing....made 'em think I was willing to go for whatever price to get it.

I was really only willing to go to $75.00.

The best thing about this set was the story behind it.

I got to meet the family. The auction was because the man died in a tragic tractor accident about 3 months ago.

The wife couldn't keep up the farm and land, so she decided to just have an auction. The daughter told me that if the table could talk, it would have many a stories to tell.

I wasn't "thrilled" with the chairs, but could live with them if I had to do so.

They are a silverish, goldish, blackish color. Yes, they need some work on them.

I love the embellishment on them....I've not seen this on any chairs before.

See, I would use them or possibly get them re-upholstered in red if the price was right. I even went to the local re-upholsterer and he thought it would be about $30 - $50 to do EACH chair....and I have NO idea if that included the upholstery.

I would have to save quite a bit or really get busy on craigslist.

Then today, my sister and I headed out BEFORE the rain to hit some garage sales....

I pulled up to a driveway and spied these beauties right off....

I almost broke into a dead run...leaping tall buildings and bystanders...

I was ready to take ANYONE down...even the 86 year old that was following us to each garage sale....I love you Dorothy, and no, I wouldn't REALLY knock you down...

I spy a $20.00 tag on one of the chairs...and sweetly ask, "Is that $20.00 a chair?"

I am fully expecting and willing to pay $20.00 a chair but didn't want to seem TOO anxious....as if the running up the driveway didn't give it away already....

The woman looks at me, looks at the chairs...I am trying to keep my heart from beating out of my chest...

and she says, "No sweetie, it is $20.00 for all FOUR!
Just envision me at a BINGO parlor....screaming because I had the winning number for a prize of $1,000....because I screamed SOLD so loud, I think it scared the people at the garage sale and they quickly took off.....it could have also been that there was a really nasty storm headed our way too...not sure though.

My sweet husband drove over, picked up my four for $20.00 chairs and now they are gracing my dining room...just waiting to get the table put with them.

Now you ask, "Traci, what about the 6 chairs you already have?"

Well, I might take two of the best ones and get them re-upholstered in a yellow to compliment....still not sure though.

There is always Criagslist!!!

I must also tell you that I have prayed about this....I wanted just the right set and I preferred RED. So, I can attest that God does answer silly prayers too!!

Oh, and go HERE and look at the same chairs w/ a different table for $650.00 or HERE for one on Craigslist for $600.00! Yep, $70.00 bargain!!!


Saska said...

My Grandma had a set just like that...I think her chairs were even gold..or maybe yellow. Love the red...cannot go wrong with red.
Did you see my french door color?

Carol Murdock said...

Traci....God is good, yes he is!
Happens to me all the time when I'm looking for something! My Hubby just shakes his head and says; beats all I've ever seen!
Your findings are gorgeous!

Coloradolady said...

Be still my heart...it was beating so fast as I read this post...THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful find....You are so very lucky....and Yellow would go so cute with the set.

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Traci I am SOOO jealous!
$20.00 for all four,I almost fell out of my chair!
I have been wanting "diner" chairs like those for years.
Congrats on a great find!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your table and chairs...I am just getting caught up on my blogs. I've missed you...and I might start following YOU to garage sales! LOL!

Unknown said...

Wow, it’s looking amazing, good product!! You can find more designer Dining Chairs Sets here…..

Sjn said...

I love the red! The vintage table cloth with the red chairs brings me way back... I love the retro look you've got going!

Little Lovables said...

wow, what a deal, and those chairs are in amazing condition as well!

Susan said...

oh what a story and a great find! Love those chairs.

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