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Sunday, June 1, 2008

We Survived the Reception

It is strange how there were deadly tornadoes the day of her graduation and now, the day of her reception, there were severe storms all around. I prayed early that the Lord would hold them off until after the reception and PRAISE HIM, He did. We had a wonderful turn out despite the weather.

Here is Carly and her beautiful cake. Once again, Muskogee Cake Co. did an amazing job. I tried to get Carly to wear her pink prom dress but she wouldn't....wouldn't it have looked great with all the pink and yellow? I know my little vintage strawberry candy dish would come in handy....I found the handle at the Goodwill store....I had to buy another candy dish, but Regan is using it and doesn't mind that it doesn't have a handle.
This is her display...notice the pink prom dress with the graduation gown.....at least we got to put it on display. We ran her senior pics on the tv as a slide show. Also, we had a powerpoint presentation running at the table where everyone signed a picture mat for Carly.
I had to put this picture in because it shows off my spoons on the kitchen cabinets. I finally got them on just a few days ago. Thank you to Bobby Peters for helping my wonderful husband get the nagging job done. I can't count how many fingernails I've broken trying to get the doors open. The lights were supposed to hang outside on the porch, but due to weather, I moved them to this spot.....they looked amazing.

This is my daughter, Sydni and a friend, Cooper.....don't they make a super pair? He is the best baby.

I'm putting this picture in to show the beautiful flowers my friend, Kim, made for my grandparents grave....there are really two arrangements, I just got this in a picture. She delivered them to my mom, that is why they are at my house and ended up in a picture. I guess I'll mention the guys.....the one in the plaid is my dear husband, David. He has been one super dad to Carly and will miss her dearly when she "leaves".

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Dennis & Summer Rains said...

Aaaaah, what a cute baby! I'm not partial, though-hehehe!
Congrats to Carly and you! The reception was great and your house is decorated soooooo cute, I may need your help late ;) See ya neighbor!

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